Wednesday, September 18, 2013

IndyPicker's Guide to Cleaning Your Cast Iron Skillet

So you've been out to the flea market or garage sale and you found this great old Griswald cast iron skillet that you just had to have. You get it home and look it over and see years of someone else's  grease on it, now what do you do. First its off to Google where you will find 10-20 different ways, baking it at high temp in the oven, easy-off oven cleaner and even sand-blasting it [don't do this as it will ruin the original finish].

He is an easy way with little fuss. 
1. Need a 5 gal bucket or plastic container, some lye based drain cleaner that you can get at the hardware, some rubber gloves and a nylon brush.

2. Fill your bucket or tub with water and add a healthy dose of drain cleaner. Drain cleaner??? why would IndyPicker tell me to use drain cleaner? what is drain cleaner for? to open up drains that are clogged with grease and such.

3. Soak your skillet for about 3 days, remove the skillet using your rubber gloves of course and test the grease using your nylon brush. If the lye has done its job the grease will come right off. If it is a little stubborn then let it set another day after a complete scrub down.

4. Finally after all the grease is removed it's time to season your skillet. Use some Crisco Shortening rubbing it all over the cooking surface and then bake in your oven at around 200 deg for 30-min.
Griswald Cast Iron Skillet

We use this method on any Griswald's we pick. Buyers have always raved how the look when purchasing them.

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