Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Finished Writing IndyCar Book

Had been busy finishing a book project we started back in January. A friend had come to me and wanted help on writing a book. I had never written a book, but have a read a lot of books over the years. And, it was about something I love and that was IndyCars. Having been born in Indianapolis and gone to the track a lot during my life it was a subject that I was at least knowledgeable about.

My friend was a very good friend of local Dayton driver Salt Walther. He and Salt started putting a book together about his life on and off the track and his drug addiction. I learned a lot about Salt and his family during the process. A lot of it was total opposite from all the things I had read written by sportswriters. I had had the pleasure of meeting Salt before he unexpectedly passed away last December.

Since Salt was now not around to complete the book. When I got the information to start editing the book it was like drinking from a fire hose. Lots of stuff with very little organization, no fact checking and no racing historical records. 

It came down to the wire to complete the book by Salt's birthday which was last Friday the 22nd. We were still tweaking it late in to the night before it went up for sale. 

It can be purchased on-line at our new book store The Indy Book Nook for $5.99

Now that I have a book under my belt as an editor I plan to write one from scratch. I am going to take the rest of the year off to determine what topic to write about and then start the new year on it. Happy Thanksgiving ~ Indy

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