Sunday, February 16, 2014

Classic Toys from the 1950s and 60s

Toys from the 50s and 60s can always stir our childhood memories if you are of that age. A lot of these toys were made of tin, diecast and hard plastic unlike the toys of today. Companies like Louis Marx, Hubley, Gilbert, Lionel, Mattel and Hasbro were the kings in the U.S.. The secondary manufactures were from Japan and Taiwan. Some of these Japanese tin litho toys [robots, rocket ships, etc.] from the mid to late fifties can bring 5 figure prices at auction.

The tin litho toys had intricate colors and designs, many of these are of vehicles, robots and space ships. The diecast markets were lead by Hubley, Tootsie, Lesney [aka Matchbox], Midgetoy and finally Mattel with Hotwheels.

Toys were mainly given at Christmas or a birthday, but the kid could always buy his own at the Dime Store. Yes, millennial's there was a Dime store before the Dollar Store and Walmart where a kid could spend an hour or so trying to decide if they wanted a bag of plastic army men from Marx or Timmee or a diecast car or balsa wood airplane.

Here are some of our picks that can be purchase at  

60s Marx Tin Litho Mini Crawler

60s Marx Hard Plastic Military Vehicles

Tada Tin Litho X-5 Heavy Machine Gun Noise and Lights

Hubley Flintlock Pistol Cap Gun

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lace Purple Sensor Guitar Pickups Review

Last post I talked about the RPA treble booster and indicated I was installing Lace Sensor Purple pickups. After fighting some gremlins in the wiring, I have now completed the pup exchange.

The pickups are very warm in tone, not quit a humbucker but close (P90 sound) and have very good sustain. Even with the RPA out of the loop I can get notes to hold for a very long time. These pickups would be good for anyone who is wanting a great vintage rock sound of the 1970s. These pickups due to there design have now dead zones when the string is pulled away from the magnet because they have no pole magnets like ordinary pups.

Next on the project list is a Danelectro Fab Echo mod.