Thursday, March 13, 2014

Searching for Bakelite Jewelry

The Misses and I went antiquing this past weekend. We were in the mood for jewelry and Bakelite is one of our favorites. We went to one of our favorite spots and began to search for some pieces. What we found was not surprising. A lot of people offering Bakelite that is not Bakelite. We tested 6 pieces that were plastic and yet marked Bakelite.

I wrote about this a while back about pieces on eBay. Buying Bakelite from eBay is a crap shoot. Many pieces are just not Bakelite. We used our Q-tip water test. The clerk working with us was amazed by how it worked. We showed her a plastic piece and a Bakelite piece results. Nicotine stain was present.

We did find pay dirt. Here is our find of the day. A vintage Vendome signed piece. This piece is likely from the 1940s as plastic started to take over in the 1950s.

Vendome was established in 1944 as a subsidiary of Coro and made a superior line of jewelry until 1979.

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