Thursday, March 6, 2014

Vintage Matchbox Skybuster Aircraft

We just came upon some vintage 1970s Matchbox Skybuster series aircraft by Lesney of England. The Skybuster series started in 1973 and continued off and on through the years. These aircraft are in C7.5 to C9 condition and are box less. They feature both military and civilian models of the period.

The Matchbox brand was developed by accident you might say for Lesney LTD by designer Jack Odell who had designed a toy that could fit in a matchbox for his daughter who took it to school for show and tell. The teacher had told the class that anything they brought couldn't be any bigger than a matchbox. Lesney LTD and the Matchbox brand by the mid-1960s were the largest producers of diecast toys in the world. So much that a company called Mattel developed a product called Hot Wheels to compete against them.

By the early 1980s Lesney would go into receivership and was eventually bought by who else but Mattel. Some of the dies used by Lesney are used by Mattel today. Diecast toys have been sold by the millions, but the older ones in good to excellent condition are harder to find these days. Remember they were toys that kids played with and paint scuffs, wheels bent and such happened.  [We will be adding more in the coming days]

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Matchbox Skybuster Mig 21 Jet Fighter

Matchbox Skybuster RAF Lightning Jet Fighter

Matchbox Skybuster F-16A Jet Fighter

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