Saturday, November 7, 2015

Vintage Coins Picked Lincoln 1909 VDB Morgan 1885 Silver Dollar

Just picked from an Estate Sale and for sale at VintageMARK

1909 VDB Lincoln Cent or Wheat Penny in AU55 condition. We also have more Lincoln cent and Indian Head pennies for sale as well.

Lincoln VDB Cent

1885 Morgan Silver Dollar in BU Condition.
Morgan Silver Dollar

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Collecting Vintage Pocket Watches 101

Pocket watches are a piece of history. Long before the Apple wristwatch gentleman and ladies had pocket watches. These watches as the name says were kept in ones pocket. Sometimes these watches were attached to a chain and clasp or fob which would keep the watch secure. Ladies watches sometimes could be pinned to their dresses.

Key U.S. pocket watch makers were the Illinois Watch Company, Elgin, Waltham and Hamilton. Some of these companies made watches for the Railroad and these are known as railroad watches. What is different about railroad watches is the detail to accuracy. This included temperature time compensation. Trains were not scheduled by GPS in those days so time was the key factor of when a train was supposed to be at a certain location. Having this wrong could lead to disastrous consequences. Some manufacturers made very high quality nickel models for the engineers and conductors.
Illinois Hunter Sidewinder
Burlington Railroad 21J

Antique Elgin with FOB

Watches came in open face meaning you could see the watch face at all times or what is known as the hunter which has a small case that closes over the face protecting the crystal from scratches. The other difference on some of these watches is that the stem is at the 3 o'clock position instead of 12. These are known as sidewinders. The Next item to look for when collecting is what is my case made of. Gold, gold filled, gold plated, coin silver, silver plated or an exotic metal like platinum which are very rare. These will be marked on the inside of the case.

Pocket watches are a great collectible and can be found in working and none working order. Don't expect most of these watches to be in pristine condition as the are usually over 100 years old and were used daily.  

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Vintage Ceramic and Pyrex Items Picked

Just uploaded some very nice vintage ceramic and Pyrex we just picked. Most items are marked, including a 1954 ceramic piece.

Pyrex was created by Corning, Inc in 1915 for the use in laboratories. In the late 1930's the introduced a line of cooking and bakeware. These items could go from the refrigerator to the oven and back. So became the go to cooking items for housewives from the 40's until now.

Pyrex coffee pot. Part of the 1960s' Atomic kitchen.
Large casserole dish for making and storing casseroles.
Divided flat style casserole dish. Could be used for baking or serving deviled eggs.

Fenton Glass piece. Fenton Art Glass Company of making decorative pieces since 1905 in Williamstown, West Virginia in 1907. As with all good things in America the traditional glass production ceased operation in 2011 and now creates only handcrafted art glass jewelry using many of the traditional Fenton colors and techniques, such as Milk Glass, Vasa Murrhina and Carnival Glass beads.

Vintage depression glass candy dish. Depression glass of course started being made during the Great Depression. And has been highly collectible since. The quality of these pieces are not top notch with bubbles and mold marks being present, but they are still great home decor pieces.  

Made in Japan Swan Vase. During the 1960s Made in Japan meant poor quality to most Americans. Boy times changed. Japanese electronics companies such as Sony are seen as some of the best in the world. Japanese made tin robots from the 1950's can fetch up to $30,000 at auction. This little guy probably came from a florist with a flower arrangement. 
This little we couldn't pass up when we found it. What a great center piece for a holiday table. He is marked 1954 on the bottom.

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Vintage Diecast Collectibles

Hubley Cast Iron Racer
Many grown men such as myself collect diecast cars, airplanes and such. Toys we had growing up as a child. Children before the early 20th century played with toys made from wood or cast iron. 

This a cast iron racer from Hubley Toys.
Corgi Double Decker Bus

Hubley Diecast Kit Car
In the early 40's companies started using a process know as diecast which until then produced everyday items to make toys. Diecast refers to the process of pouring molten material into a die to make the item. Manufacturers such as Meccano (Dinky Toys) in the United Kingdom, Dowst Brothers (TootsieToys) in the United States. In the late 40's and English company Lesney started producing cars called Matchbox based on the size of the car could fit in a matchbox.

In 1968 Mattel entered the market with Hotwheels. Certain versions of the original redlines as they are called for the redline tires can fetch a pretty penny at auction. Hotwheels are still around today and grown men show up at Target stores all the time to get their collector fix.

Hotwheels Deora

After seeing the success of Hotwheels, Topper Toys developed the Johnny Lightning series of diecast cars. These were and are much more detailed than Mattel Hotwheels. More on the line of Matchbox. In 1970 & 71 Topper Toys sponsored the Johnny Lightning Special driven by Al Unser to victories in the Indianapolis 500.

Johnny Lightning Indycar Collector Set
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Until next time happy collecting! 


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gents Seiko 5 Automatic Wristwatch

Just picked this up at a great estate sale here in Dayton Ohio.

Awesome men's Seiko 5 automatic. It has been serviced and has a new leather band. It can be bought at