Friday, November 4, 2016

Vintage Item Collecting for Millennials - Intro | Indypicker

Intro to Vintage Item Collecting for Millennials

Welcome millennials to the first of a multi-part educational series on collecting vintage items. 

A little about Indypicker ~ we are a husband and wife team [high school sweethearts] that after first being married started going together to antique stores/flea markets in the 1970s for entertainment on the weekends while being stationed in the Air Force in Merced, California. We continued this throughout the years and then in 2008 started an online business based on our passion for items of the past and have sold thousand of items since then.

Why do we collect? collecting is a hobby of seeking, locating, purchasing and cataloging like items to display for enjoyment by yourself and by your friends. Some collect as an investment such as coins, watches and such but, mainly we collect for the enjoyment. Whether you are single or a couple it is something you can do to ENJOY! 

First, collecting doesn't mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars as the popular TV shows like Pawn Stars and American Picker portray. You can start a collection for items under $10.

Now what do I collect? for me it's vintage radios [tube and transistor], Indy500 memorabilia [of course I was born in Indianapolis] and Indy 500 diecast cars. For you it can be either something of your childhood or your parents and grandparents lifetimes. The term "Vintage" is defined by sellers meaning something that is at least 20-25 years old. So does that make you millennials vintage? LOL ya, the old guy made a joke.

Next, the term "Retro" usually means something that is new but is in the design of something from the past. We will discuss in future posts of how to determine whether or not the item you are currently starring at is really a period piece of a newer Made in China "Retro" piece.

We will also give you ideas of where to find your treasured items you seek and how to put together a weekend of fun in the car hunting these items at local shops, flea markets and swap meets or where to find them on the web.

Here is my prize 1937 Zenith Art Deco style radio that we found in an antique mall in Springfield Ohio. It is in working order as well. Below are just some reference items that are put together by genre.

Vintage Bakelite 1920-40's
Vintage Mid-Century Toys

We will break the series into periods such as the Victorian, Art Deco, Mid-century and Current Vintage [20-years old] and niche items for guys and gals such as jewelry, mid-century home decor, coins, watches, comic books, vintage toys, star wars and more. 

While these are just a few of the items we will discuss we will be asking for your help in what you would like to see [enter a comment]. If you have a question on something you already own again comment or send us an email at Remember this blog series is for you.  

Don't forget to jump over to to see our current vintage items we have for sale. These are always changing so join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @indypicker.

Until next time, Indy

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Collecting Bakelite in Today's Market Place

Collecting Bakelite in Today's Market Place

We have been buying and selling Bakelite jewelry and other Bakelite items since 2008 and have witnessed the landscape change in the last 8 years. It is becoming harder to find good quality items at a fair price. We have also seen the introduction of Fakelite coming from China and being sold on eBay.

eBay is packed with items that claim to be Bakelite but most first looks can tell you they are plastic or other materials. Sellers list items as Bakelite Celluloid Lucite trying to cover all the keywords that a piece of jewelry might be. Didn't take me long to find this example as it was on the first page of my search. Sometimes the seller just doesn't know what it is and while it is so easy to test Bakelite using semichrome, plastic polish or even water and a Q-tip.

Estate sales are yielding more and more plastic costume jewelry as the age of the owners start to creep into the 1950's and 60's from the 1930's to 40's. Unless they got grandmothers items you are to likely find more Lucite and just plain plastic pieces.

Here are some of our current Bakelite jewelry we have for sale on our online shop. These have all been verified and are identified by their industry known Bakelite colors such as Rootbeer, Ice Tea, Creamed Spinach, Paprika and such not brown and green..

We would be interested to hear what you are seeing in your market places. Don't forget to check out our current selection of Bakelite items by clicking on the picture above or go to

Until next time, Indy

Friday, July 15, 2016

Vintage Plastic Action Figures from the 1950/60's

Vintage Plastic Action Figures

Going to the Dime Store was a real treat for us kids growing up in the 1950/60's. And one of the items boys were always attacked to were plastic army men and and anything that had to do with war and the space age.

Manufactures such as Marx, MPC, Ideal, Crescent Toys, Timmee and others created very realistic looking action figures in natural poses. They came in different sizes from around 2" to over 5" in height and usually came in a cardboard/plastic pack with different genres such Cowboys and Indians, army soldiers, pilots and astronaut spacemen and often had accessories such as fence, cactus, jeeps, tanks, airplanes and rocket-ships.

Some came with complete action sets. 

We have come across some vintage space age and military large plastic figures that are up for sale at our online shop Indypicker 

Until next time.

Cheers, Indy

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Resto of Vintage Fada Radio Part 1

Be sure to checkout the VintageMARK

We found a great Fada radio model 7040 from 1947 while picking in the Northern Indiana town of Markel. This model came in very plain white and brown Bakelite only and this one has some cosmetic issues with cracks.

  The seller told us it only hums when turned on. After disassembling we found the antenna was disconnected which is more than likely why no stations. The hum also indicates the capacitors are also likely to be dried up, so they will be getting replaced.

 Lots of dirt gets collected inside the old radios over the decades.
Case cracked and will be epoxied and bondo'ed.
 Antenna wire broken loose and will be re-soldered.

The dial is gold with red numbers so our new resto paint scheme will be Cherry Red and Gold. We will accent the Art Deco design elements by accenting the red chassis with gold.

We will be keeping you up to date on the restoration and finally when it will be put up for sale.

Until next time. Indypicker  

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Vintage Hanna Barbera Collectibles The Jestons | Jonny Quest

Hanna Barbera brings back memories of Saturday cartoons. Many of these classic characters are highly collectible and sometimes hard to find. From The Ruff and Ready Show, Huckleberry Hound to The Jetsons and the Scifi classic Jonny Quest. All were staples for us kids growing up from the late 1950's through the 1970's.

The Jestons showed us what living in outer space in the future was supposed to be like with George [George O'Hanlon], Jane [Penny Singleton], Judy [Janet Waldo], Elroy [Daws Butler], Astro [Don Messick], Rosie the Robot [Jane Vander Pyl] and Cosmo S. Spacely [Mel Blanc]. 

Jonny Quest was a much more serious and advanced Sci-Fi animation series created by Doug Wildley for Hanna Barbera and shown on ABC TV during prime time. The voices were done by Tim Matheson as Jonny, Danny Bravo as Hadji, Mike Road as Race Bannon, John Stephenson as Dr. Quest and later replaced by legendary Don Messick who did approximately 386 roles during his career.

Here is a current list of collectibles some very rare available at VintageMARK

Ultra Rare Coloring Book

Jonny Quest Comico Comics Vol 1-10

Jonny Quest 3-Comic Collectors Addition

Rare Jetsons Board Game