Sunday, June 12, 2016

Resto of Vintage Fada Radio Part 1

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We found a great Fada radio model 7040 from 1947 while picking in the Northern Indiana town of Markel. This model came in very plain white and brown Bakelite only and this one has some cosmetic issues with cracks.

  The seller told us it only hums when turned on. After disassembling we found the antenna was disconnected which is more than likely why no stations. The hum also indicates the capacitors are also likely to be dried up, so they will be getting replaced.

 Lots of dirt gets collected inside the old radios over the decades.
Case cracked and will be epoxied and bondo'ed.
 Antenna wire broken loose and will be re-soldered.

The dial is gold with red numbers so our new resto paint scheme will be Cherry Red and Gold. We will accent the Art Deco design elements by accenting the red chassis with gold.

We will be keeping you up to date on the restoration and finally when it will be put up for sale.

Until next time. Indypicker  

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