Friday, July 15, 2016

Vintage Plastic Action Figures from the 1950/60's

Vintage Plastic Action Figures

Going to the Dime Store was a real treat for us kids growing up in the 1950/60's. And one of the items boys were always attacked to were plastic army men and and anything that had to do with war and the space age.

Manufactures such as Marx, MPC, Ideal, Crescent Toys, Timmee and others created very realistic looking action figures in natural poses. They came in different sizes from around 2" to over 5" in height and usually came in a cardboard/plastic pack with different genres such Cowboys and Indians, army soldiers, pilots and astronaut spacemen and often had accessories such as fence, cactus, jeeps, tanks, airplanes and rocket-ships.

Some came with complete action sets. 

We have come across some vintage space age and military large plastic figures that are up for sale at our online shop Indypicker 

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